wolfTPM v2.2 Release

We are excited to announce the release of v2.2.0 for wolfTPM. This release adds several new examples such as remote attestation, seal/unseal and GPIO control. There are minor fixes for authenticated sessions. A few coding refactors to improve readability and reliability. We also added endorsement hierarchy support to several examples. If you are using QNX then you will appreciate the built-in HAL SPI driver support.

  • Fix for using multiple authenticated sessions.
  • Added QNX support.
  • Added new examples for remote attestation (make / activate credential).
  • Added GPIO support and examples for ST33 and Nuvoton NPCT75x modules.
  • Added new example for sealing a secret using TPM key.
  • Added Endorsement Hierarchy support to many examples.
  • Added missing TPM2_CreateLoaded and wrapper.
  • Refactored the reference HAL IO code into separate files.
  • Refactor of the TPM IO code to separate files.
  • Refactor the assignment of structs to use memcpy to avoid alignment issues.
  • Documentation improvements for API’s with Doxygen, QEMU and Windows TBS.

For a detailed list of changes see our ChangeLog.md here:

For questions please email us at support@wolfssl.com