wolfTPM v2.3 Release Announcement

We are excited to announce our wolfTPM v2.3 release. This includes some minor fixes and features for PCR and GPIO.

If using a big endian platform consider updating to resolve a byte swapping issue with the TIS layer.

We have refactored the GPIO configuration example for use with either STM ST33 or Nuvoton NPCT750 TPM 2.0 modules.

The PCR example now includes a standalone read example.

Release Details:

  • Refactor GPIO support (single gpio_config) (PR #194)
  • Fix for Linux HAL IO try again timeout logic (PR #194)
  • Fix for big endian in TIS layer (PR #191)
  • Fix for RSAES padding (RSA_Encrypt) (PR #187)
  • Fix in tests to allow command code error for CreateLoaded (not supported on hardware) (PR #184)
  • Fix for compiler warning for file read in make_credential.c (PR #182)
  • Fixes for Windows builds (PR #181)
  • Fixes for RSA RNG in edge case builds (fixes wolfBoot build error) (PR #180)
  • Added PCR Read example (PR #185)

For a full list of changes, check out the updated ChangeLog.md bundled with wolfSSL or view our page on GitHub here (https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfTPM).For questions please email facts@wolfssl.com