yaSSL Embedded Web Server 0.2 is Now Available

The second release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server is now available for download!  New features with this version include a source release, better documentation, examples, and new run-time options.  

Our Web Server is focused on being small, fast, and embeddable.  Features include CGI, SSI, IP restrictions, access and error log support, and SSL among others. The wolfSSL embedded SSL library can be used to secure ports with SSL, giving you a secure connection while maintaining small size and fast speed.  

On an embedded system you can expect to see the yaSSL Embedded Web Server with wolfSSL enabled to come in around 100kB total.  We offer commercial support, consulting, and licenses for use in a wide variety of projects.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the yaSSL Embedded Web Server and how it can help your project, please contact info@yassl.com.