yaSSL Embedded Web Server Available for Download

The yaSSL Embedded Web Server is now available for download on Mac OS X and Linux!  The yaSSL Embedded Web Server is based on the popular Mongoose embedded web server – adding built-in SSL functionality.  Working closely with the Mongoose community, we have made it a priority to keep our focus on what customers want.  Reasoning behind choosing the Mongoose web server included:

•   Default size, with CyaSSL enabled, of less than 200K.

•   Excellent code base and community.

•   Portability to real time and embedded operating systems.

For more information about the Mongoose Web Server, documentation (including a manual, full web application example, API reference, and embedding strategies) can be viewed here: http://code.google.com/p/mongoose/w/list

Please contact us at info@yassl.com for more information regarding the yaSSL Embedded Web Server.  Download test and evaluation copies for OS X and Linux here: Download yaSSL Embedded Web Server.  We welcome your feedback!