CNSA 2.0 Update Part 4: Deployment

On April 18th, 2024, the NSA released updates and clarifications to their CNSA 2.0 (Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite 2.0) advisory in the form of an FAQ. This is the fourth in a multipart series of postings about the questions and answers that we feel are most interesting and our reactions to them.

Q: When should deployment of CNSA 2.0 algorithms in mission systems begin?

A: When validated products become available they should be deployed in mission systems. Meanwhile, NSA encourages responsible testing in vendor and government research environments now to understand the effects of deployment of the new algorithms on particular systems given the increased sizes used in these algorithms.

Translation: time to “get cracking” and build post-quantum cryptographic implementations you plan to use. You need to understand that while performance for Kyber/ML-KEM won’t be an issue, (see our benchmarks) artifact sizes are increasing!

If you are used to the tiny artifacts in ECDHE then this should be a real eye opener. We’re talking kilobytes going over the wire and taking up memory.

How will this affect you? First of all, if your transmission medium is slow then more bytes going over the wire during the protocol handshake will naturally increase the time to your first application data being sent. Secondly, if your current application is already memory constrained, you might need to re-evaluate how you use your memory or even increase the amount of memory available to your application.

Considering these things takes time and planning, now is the time to start. Download now!

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