Elevate OpenSSL in Yocto with wolfProvider

What Is wolfProvider?

New to meta-wolfssl, wolfProvider marries OpenSSL 3.x with wolfCrypt’s cutting-edge cryptography, empowering Yocto projects to utilize wolfCrypt’s FIPS 140-3 algorithms seamlessly.

Why Choose wolfProvider?

  • Effortless Integration: Fuse OpenSSL 3.x with wolfSSL’s algorithms swiftly.
  • Superior Security: Access wolfSSL’s lightweight, high-performance cryptography and wide range of supported operating environments.
  • FIPS-Ready: Smooth path to FIPS 140-3 compliance, making your project future-proof.

Leveraging wolfProvider

wolfProvider unlocks the potential to incorporate wolfCrypt’s FIPS 140-3 cryptography within your OpenSSL 3.x applications. Kickstart your project now with wolfProvider and our FIPS-Ready bundle, setting the foundation for FIPS 140-3 compliance in your project.


If you have questions about any of the above or wish to explore more about FIPS and commercial bundles, contact us at facts@wolfSSL.com or call us at +1 425 245 8247.

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