eXtremeDB introduces support for wolfSSL

We are extremely excited to announce that McObject, a world leader in embedded and real-time database systems, has chosen wolfSSL as the TLS provider for their eXtremeDB family of database products.

About eXtremeDB

eXtremeDB is a high-performance, low-latency, ACID-compliant embedded database management system with support for both in-memory and persistent storage capability. Exceptionally fast, with unparalleled flexibility, eXtremeDB is used in virtually all embedded systems markets, from consumer electronics to network infrastructure devices to aerospace and defense systems.

In 2021, McObject released eXtremeDB/rt, the first-ever commercially supported deterministic database system suitable for use in hard real-time embedded systems. As an ACID-compliant DBMS, eXtremeDB/rt guarantees internal consistency, but with real-time features also guarantees external consistency when transactions complete within their deadlines. eXtremeDB/rt is designed for use in critical sensor data fusion systems such as avionics and aircraft navigation, driver assistance, medical equipment, power generation and distribution infrastructure, and any other high-reliability system that requires data management.

Why WolfSSL?

The eXtremeDB embedded database system powers mission critical systems that demand “five-nines” reliability (99.999% up-time), thus security and performance is an absolute necessity. When it came to choosing a TLS provider, McObject needed a library that it was confident would satisfy the stringent guarantees it provides to its customers. wolfSSL emerged as the clear choice for several reasons:

Size, Performance, and Flexibility

In the world of embedded systems, resource utilization is critical. wolfSSL can be configured to have an exceptionally small footprint, making it ideal for systems with constrained resources. It also offers the most customizability on the market, allowing users to tune it for highly specific optimization goals such as code size, stack usage, maximum performance, power consumption, and more.


Compliance is a non-negotiable requirement in secure systems, and eXtremeDB is no exception. wolfCrypt has FIPS 140-2 Certificates #3389 and #2425 and has a certificate for FIPS 140-3 on the way. wolfCrypt has also been DO-178C DAL-A certified for avionics.


eXtremeDB/rt is available and tightly integrated with all major commercial RTOS including those that are certified to airborne safety standards (DO-178). Therefore, it could not choose a TLS library that had any architectural or platform restrictions. wolfSSL is engineered for maximum portability, supporting virtually every hardware platform and operating system and, like eXtremeDB, can even run on bare-metal, making it the perfect match for eXtremeDB’s diverse use-cases.

The Best-Tested Cryptography Library

eXtremeDB is a DBMS that serves customers who demand 99.999% uptime, designed to power systems that cannot afford to fail. wolfSSL boasts an extensive testing regime, with continuous and rigorous evaluations to ensure the most secure, robust, and up-to-date cryptography solutions, making it a natural choice to satisfy eXtremeDB’s uncompromising customer requirements. Our claim as the best-tested cryptography library in the world is backed by numerous third party audits and our transparent software development process.

Getting Started with eXtremeDB

To get started with eXtremeDB, simply download the latest evaluation release, and then follow the instructions in the documentation to install the package and run the SDK samples. You can contact McObject at info@mcobject.com for more information or support.

By leveraging wolfSSL’s best-in-class TLS capabilities, eXtremeDB can now offer an additional layer of security without compromising on performance. This integration strengthens eXtremeDB’s position as a secure, fast, and reliable database solution for embedded systems and mission-critical real-time applications. We’re thrilled to partner with McObject and look forward to contributing to the ongoing success and security of eXtremeDB products.

For more information on how wolfSSL can enhance your security solutions, feel free to reach out to us at facts@wolfSSL.com, or call us at +1 425 245 8247 with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Download wolfSSL