Infineon wolfSSL Modus Toolbox Support and wolfTPM Firmware upgrade support

We are pleased to announce support for updating the Infineon TPM firmware in wolfTPM.

Infineon is the first TPM vendor to open source their firmware update procedure and process in their latest Infineon SLB9672 (SPI) and SLB9673 (I2C) versions of the TPM 2.0 module. This requires a high level of confidence in their update process to do this.

wolfTPM is the only library to integrate built-in support for updating TPM firmware.

wolfTPM is also the only production grade open source TPM library to support running in bare-metal and space constrained embedded environments.

Additionally we have added support for using wolfSSL and wolfTPM with the Modus Toolbox examples and boards. We are working with Infineon to make these part of the standard libraries available.

We will be demonstrating these new features with the Infineon SLB9673 on an Infineon PSoC6 during the upcoming Embedded World in Nuremburg, Germany April 9-11, 2024. Find us at the TCG (Hall 1 Booth 500) or wolfSSL (Hall 4 Booth 612).

If you are interested in trying this out see the following pull requests:

Support for Infineon SLB9672/SLB9673 Firmware upgrade

Support for Infineon Modus Toolbox with wolfSSL

Support for wolfSSL with Infineon Modus Toolbox

The full TPM example on the PSoc6 has been pushed here:

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact us at or call us at +1 425 245 8247.

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