Securing CAN bus with TLS 1.3

One of the greatest security issues facing the automotive and aviation worlds is securing connections over CAN bus and its derivative protocols.  The big issue with these protocols is that they do not have a method for authenticating who or what they are communicating with, and don’t encrypt the traffic.  This leaves them open to a variety of well known attacks, like MITM, replay, and of course eavesdropping.

As many of our users are aware, wolfSSL is transport agnostic.  As such, we do TLS 1.3 grade security, complete with authentication and encryption, over any number of transports, such as Bluetooth, BTLE, Zigbee, Zwave, serial, etc.  Our transport agnostic strategy brings great benefit to environments where the transport protocol does not include security, or has poor security, because of its design or history.

We are now embarking on the mission to secure CAN bus with TLS 1.3!  Are you curious or interested?  Email us at