Static library framework for Apple devices

We’ve got an exciting new update for our Apple ecosystem support! wolfSSL now contains a script that automates building and packaging wolfSSL static libraries as an XCFramework that can run on all Apple platforms and targets, further simplifying integration into your Xcode projects.

Instead of manually adding all wolfSSL source files to your Xcode project and having to use a user_settings.h file, you can now simply run the script with your desired configure options to build and package wolfSSL, and then drag-and-drop the imported framework bundle into XCode. The framework bundle contains wolfSSL static libraries targeting all modern Apple platforms and simulators. This includes MacOS (arm64, x86_64), iPhone (arm64), iPhoneSimulator (arm64, x86_64), appleTV (arm64), appleTVSimulator (arm64, x86_64), appleWatch (arm64), and appleWatchSimulator (arm64, x86_64). We also include a new “wolfssl-multiplatform” demo application in Xcode demonstrating how a swift application can use a “bridging header” to call into C code and use wolfSSL.

You can find the new build utilities and the “wolfssl-multiplatform” example app in the wolfSSL source tree at IDE/apple-universal. Check out the README to get started. Integrating wolfSSL to your Xcode project has never been easier!

As always, if you have questions on any of the above, please contact us at, or call us at +1 425 245 8247.

Download wolfSSL