Support for Renesas TSIP v1.13 on RX72N

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Renesas TSIP v1.13 on RX72N in wolfSSL v5.0.0! The RX72N MCU is the flagship model of RX series, using a 32-bit RX72N 240 MHz microcontroller.Using the TSIP driver, wolfSSL can offload supported cryptographic and TLS operations to the underlying Renesas hardware for increased performance.

If you have an interest in using wolfSSL with this MCU, check out our benchmark page about RX72N here:

Check out our blog on wolfSSL Renesas TSIP support here:

More information on using wolfSSL in combination with Renesas and wolfSSL’s support for Renesas can be found here:

You can access the GitHub page to wolfSSL here:

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