Targets supported by wolfBoot

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Here at wolfSSL, we pride ourselves on the portability of our products. An essential part of the real-world applicability of our projects is that they can run in various environments in support of various use cases. We recently published an incomplete list of parts that our SSL/TLS library wolfSSL has been run on. Since our secure bootloader wolfBoot shares the same flexibility, we wanted to share a similar list of supported targets and architectures.

Here’s a list of supported CPU architectures:

CPU Architectures
ARMv6-M Cortex-M0
ARMv7-A Cortex-A9
ARMv7-M Cortex-M3
ARMv7-M Cortex-M4
ARMv7-M Cortex-M7
ARMv7-R Cortex-R5
ARMv8-A Cortex-A53
ARMv8-A Cortex-A57
ARMv8-M Cortex-M33
PowerPC 32-Bit
PowerPC 64-Bit
RV32 32-Bit RISC-V
Intel x86 32-Bit
Intel x86 64-Bit
RXv3 core

Here’s a list of supported hardware parts and their manufacturers:

Part Manufacturer
Xilinx UltraScale+ ZCU102 AMD
PSoC 62S2 Infineon/Cypress
i.MX-RT1050 NXP/Freescale
i.MX-RT1060 NXP/Freescale
i.MX-RT1064 NXP/Freescale
Kinetis K64 NXP/Freescale
Kinetis K82 NXP/Freescale
QorIQ P1021 NXP/Freescale
QorIQ T1024 NXP/Freescale
QorIQ T2080 NXP/Freescale
QorIQ LS1028A NXP/Freescale
LPC54xxxx NXP/Freescale
nRF5280 Nordic
11th Gen Core i7 (Tiger Lake) Intel
PI3 RaspberryPi
RX72N Renesas
RA6M4 Renesas
STM32C0xx ST Microelectronics
STM32F4xx ST Microelectronics
STM32F7xx ST Microelectronics
STM32G0xx ST Microelectronics
STM32H7xx ST Microelectronics
STM32L0xx ST Microelectronics
STM32L4xx ST Microelectronics
STM32L5xx ST Microelectronics
STM32U5xx ST Microelectronics
STM32WBxx ST Microelectronics
HiFive1 SiFive (RISC-V)
ATSAMR21 Microchip (Atmel)
TM4C1294xx Texas Instruments
TMS570lc4xx Texas Instruments
CC26x2 Texas Instruments

For info on the wolfBoot configuration details of the targets listed above, visit For wolfBoot usage examples, visit

Don’t see your part/architecture on this list? Not to worry! The minimalistic design and tiny HAL API of wolfBoot make it portable to the highest degree. Reach out to us letting us know the details of your system and we can get you in touch with our porting experts.

If you have questions, comments, and suggestions about any of the above, contact us at or call us at +1 425 245 8247.

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