The Quantum Arena

It is always very interesting to see news articles about technical advances in the Quantum Arena. For example:

This article talks about cooperation between China and Russia to make QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) between the two countries a reality. While only an experiment, this is a landmark achievement for the BRICS group of countries.

This is a great reminder that at a nation state level, most countries are diplomatically friendly while at the same time locked in fierce competition to gain technical superiority over each other. The Quantum Arena is one of those places where competition occurs. Of course, one of the other aspects of this arena is quantum computing. As the “Five Eyes” countries pour resources into developing quantum computers, so too do the BRICS countries. As competition heats up, it seems efforts are being redoubled to get to the first CRQC (Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computer) on both sides.

Will you be ready upon the arrival of the first CRQC?

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