TLS on Embedded Systems: UART, I2C or SPI

Recently, we have seen an uptick in interest in securing communications between different embedded modules within a larger system. The academic community has seen great work in showing that these communications need to be secured; especially in the automotive space.

Are you looking to start securing your internal communications over UART, I2C or SPI? With wolfSSL, no matter how small and constrained your micro-controller, we can help!! You can make trade-offs and set build flags to suit your needs with regards to code size, memory usage and binary footprint size. For example, if you are running a TLS 1.3 client, we have flags to exclude all server-only code and exclude all earlier versions of TLS and SSL.

Some might find the idea of TLS over UART, I2C or SPI to be somewhat strange. Isn’t TLS supposed to be running over a network connection? Actually, with our IO callback system, there is no problem at all. For a great example of how to do it, you can have a look at our STM32 example code. There we show TLS 1.3 over UART both as server and client. Please have a look at You can search there for the ENABLE_TLS_UART macro to better understand how it hooks into our IO callbacks.

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