Upcoming wolfTPM Support for ST33 TPM 2.0

wolfSSL will soon be adding support for the ST33 secure microcontroller to wolfTPM!  The ST33 includes an ARM® SecurCore® SC300 32-bit RISC processor, which provides a Secure Element.  From the ST33 webpage:

The device features hardware accelerators for advanced cryptographic functions. The EDES peripheral provides a secure DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm implementation, while the NESCRYPT cryptoprocessor efficiently supports the public key algorithm. The AES peripheral ensures secure and fast AES algorithm implementation.

If you are interested in using wolfTPM in your project, or using wolfTPM with the STM33 or ARM® SecurCore® SC300, contact us today at facts@wolfssl.com!  In recent news, wolfSSL recently released a new version of wolfTPM that now supports TLS from the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library.  Learn more here!