Using Crypto Algorithms Separately from CTaoCrypt

As you may know, CTaoCrypt is the underlying cryptography library used by the wolfSSL embedded SSL library. We’ve had several users choose to use CTaoCrypt’s crypto algorithms because they are easy to isolate and use independently of the library itself. For example, if you need to use MD5 in your own code but don’t want to write it yourself, you could extract CTaoCrypt’s MD5 implementation and use it directly in your code.

Most crypto algorithms in CTaoCrypt are contained within a source file and header file. For MD5, the relevant code would be in ./cyassl/ctaocrypt/md5.h and ./ctaocrypt/src/md5.c. Other algorithms follow the same directory and source file pattern.

If you have any questions about using CTaoCrypt’s algorithms separately, please let us know at As always, feel free to download the GPLv2-licensed source code for wolfSSL/CTaoCrypt directly from our download page and try it out for yourself.