Using wolfSSL embedded SSL on iPhone

Many of our users are unaware that the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library is available for iPhone. The first question to answer is why did we port wolfSSL to the iphone in the first place?  The answer to that question is simple:  our primary development environment is Mac OSX and we walk around town with iOS in our pockets.  As such, it was right in front of us and ready to play with.
What can you do with an iPhone embedded ssl library?  Build your application with SSL included for enhanced security!  If you need to secure any iOS app and you want to use the de facto SSL API, then choose wolfSSL.  It is small, and will add minimal size to your application download.  You could use it to secure personal data, financial data, etc.  And, don’t forget that wolfSSL is cross platform, so it will run on other devices that you port your application to. 
To get yourself started, wolfSSL maintains an Xcode iOS project in the wolfSSL library, which can be downloaded from our download page here:

If you have any questions on using wolfSSL in your iOS application, please contact us at