Using wolfSSL with .NET Core

.NET Core is a .NET implementation that is preferred in situations where cross platform portability is important. Including use in containers and running on environments such as macOS and Linux. wolfSSL has a C# wrapper written for the .NET framework that is fully capable of performing TLS/DTLS connections while using the optimized C code with hardware acceleration. Easy to use examples for a quick start are also bundled with the wolfSSL C# wrapper which can be seen in the directory wolfssl-4.5.0/wrapper/CSharp/ after downloading wolfSSL.

Using Microsoft’s “.NET portability tester” tool to evaluate wolfSSL’s C# implementation resulted in a rating of 95.6% compatible for transitioning over to .NET Core. Showing that the implementation is close, as is, to being able to be used with .NET Core. If using the progressive wolfSSL C# wrapper with .NET Core is something you are interested in, contact us at for more information.