wolfMQTT v0.14 Released

wolfMQTT v0.14 has been released (11/22/17) and includes fixes for non-blocking operation, improved error handling with TLS, fixes for GCC 7 warnings and updates to the Visual Studio projects.

wolfSSL will be at the IoT Tech Expo (Nov 29-30, 2017) in Santa Clara at the convention center. If you are attending please visit our booth #196 and say hello. Our MQTT expert David Garske will be available to answer questions.

wolfMQTT v0.14 Release Notes:

  • Fixed non-blocking connect to check for `EINPROGRESS` for all platforms (not just Harmony).
  • Fixed buffer overflow position check on read/write.
  • Fixed typo on internal packet function `MqttDecode_ConnectAck`.
  • Fixed the socket close for Harmony to use `closesocket`.
  • Fixed non-blocking connect where `WOLFMQTT_NO_STDIO` is defined.
  • Fixed GCC 7’s new fall-through check.
  • Added check for EAGAIN in non-blocking mode (was only EWOULDBLOCK).
  • Added non-blocking support for write operations when `WOLFMQTT_NONBLOCK` is defined.
  • Added support for DH and setting the default minimum key bits.
  • Added support for keep-alive ping when using non-blocking mode.
  • Improvements to example TLS callback handling of return code failures.
  • Improvements and fixes to Visual Studio projects.
  • Enhancement to adjust wolfSSL options.h include based on `WOLFSSL_USER_SETTINGS`.

You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/

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For questions please email us at facts@wolfssl.com