wolfMQTT v1.3.0 Release

wolfMQTT v1.3.0 has been released (08/01/2019) and is available for download. With this release comes multithread support with the enable option --enable-mt, various fixes and improvements to examples, and more.

A full list of wolfMQTT 1.3.0 release notes are listed below:

  • Fix fwpush example to use filename option -f. (PR #117)
  • Added multiple thread support using --enable-mt or WOLFMQTT_MULTITHREAD. (PR #115)
  • Fix for MQTT_DATA_TYPE_BINARY data length encoded twice. (PR #112)
  • Fix to clear local structures for subscribe and unsubscribe ACK’s. (PR #112)
  • Fix for SN_Encode_Unsubscribe using wrong data type for topic name ID. (PR #110)
  • Add WOLFSSL_USER_SETTINGS to VS project files. (PR #109)
  • Fixes for using RTCS in mqttnet.c socket example code. (PR #108)
  • Fix MQTT-SN decode publish parsing and QoS2 response. (PR #107)
  • Make MqttSocket_TlsSocket callbacks public. (PR #104)
  • Improved the disconnect network error callback example. (PR #102)
  • Add MQTT context information to socket callback examples. (PR #101)
  • Initialize subscribe state to MQTT_MSG_BEGIN. (PR #99)
  • Fix for Harmony possible circular include issue. (PR #98)

You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/

wolfMQTT Product Page

For more information on wolfMQTT, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.