wolfSSH 1.4.2 Release

wolfSSH Version 1.4.2 Has Been Released!!

This version of wolfSSH includes some new feature additions and fixes.

Additional features and code changes added to wolfSSH include:

  • Added example server with Renesas CS+ port
  • Add structure size print out option -z to example client when the macro WOLFSSH_SHOW_SIZES is defined
  • Additional automated tests of wolfSSH_CTX_UsePrivateKey_buffer and fix for call when key is already loaded
  • Refactoring done to internal handling of packet assembly
  • Add client side public key authentication support
  • Support added for global requests
  • Addition of WS_USER_AUTH_E error returned when user authentication callback returns WOLFSSH_USERAUTH_REJECTED

Fixes added in the release include :

  • GCC 8 build warning fixes
  • Fix for warning with enums used with SFTP and set socket type
  • Fix for initializing UserAuthData to all zeros before use
  • Fix for SFTP “LS” operation when setting the default window size to 2048
  • Fix for NULL dereference warning, rPad/sPad initialization and SFTP check on want read. Thanks to GitHub user LinuxJedi for the reports
  • Remove void cast on variable not compiled in with single threaded builds

You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/

Additional information on wolfSSH can be found on the wolfSSH product page.

For more information on platform support or for questions regarding wolfSSH, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.