wolfSSH examples for Espressif on ESP32 or ESP8266

At wolfSSL we create solutions to provide secure access to a variety of systems and devices. Our latest example adds the ability to use the SSH protocol to securely connect plain text serial UART using an Espressif ESP32 or ESP8266 over wireless or wired ethernet.

In celebration of this new capability, we’re having a contest where you can win fame, glory, and cool wolfSSL swag! All you need to do is demonstrate on social media that you were able to get this working on your own hardware, either the ESP32 or ESP8266 platforms and successfully connect to your UART device!

The project is part of our ongoing initiative to ensure all Espressif device users have access to commercial-grade reliable encryption.

To participate in the contest:

  • Please follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest tweet.
  • Install the wolfSSH embedded server found in the wolfssh-examples.
  • Connect your ESP32 or ESP8266 to any serial device (or a USB-TTY if needed)
  • Login via SSH from command-line, putty, etc.
  • Reply to the tweet with pictures or video showing your successful login.
  • The first person to demonstrate success will win some great wolfSSL swag!
  • We may choose other winners based on creativity or PR’s for feature additions.
  • Thank you for participating!

If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will also consider entries sent to facts@wolfssl.com

For more information, see https://www.wolfssl.com/espressif/

This example code is found on our new wolfssh-examples repo at: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssh-examples