wolfSSH Pseudo Terminal and Execution Feature Addition

wolfSSH is a portable embedded SSH solution developed by wolfSSL. Recently we have made an exciting new feature enhancement to allow for client side support of pseudo terminal connections. This feature can be turned on by using the configure flag --enable-term and running the example client with “-t” ( i.e. ./examples/client/client -t -h <ip> -u <username> -p <port #> ). In addition to the added enhancement of using pseudo terminals, a function was added to support console code translations from Linux to Windows terminals. This allows usage of client side wolfSSH pseudo terminals on a Windows machine when connecting to a Linux server.

Another feature that was added is the ability for sending execution commands from the client to a server. An SSH connection to execute a command can be done by using the “-c” flag with the example SSH client. (i.e. ./examples/client/client -h <ip> -u <username> -p <port #> -c <command> ) There are many use cases for this, one being the case where an embedded system wants to startup a program on another device or server and pipe input / output through the secure wolfSSH connection.

These new features can be found at the wolfSSH github repository https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssh and in the next release version of wolfSSH on the wolfSSL website here https://www.wolfssl.com/download/.

For more information contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.