wolfSSH v1.3.0 Released

wolfSSL has released wolfSSH v1.3.0 to the public! Included in this release are two major features, SCP and SFTP. wolfSSH can now act as a server for copying files with SCP. We can also act like a client or server for SFTP connections! Now you can copy new firmware or configuration files to your embedded device with the ease of a file copy.

Also included are several small bug fixes and improvements.

wolfSSH was developed to with work with our wolfCrypt cryptography library. If you want FIPS 140-2, wolfSSH will seamlessly work with the FIPS version of wolfCrypt.

For more information about wolfSSH, wolfSSL, or wolfCrypt, please email facts@wolfssl.com or contact sales@wolfssl.com. If you want to know more about wolfSSH with wolfCrypt FIPS, contact fips@wolfssl.com.  You can download wolfSSH 1.3.0 today from our download page!