wolfSSH Version 1.4.0 Now Available

Version 1.4.0 of the wolfSSH SSHv2 server library has been released! Many new and exciting features were added to wolfSSH with this release. Some of the new additions include: support for port forwarding, client side pseudo terminal support, enhancements for non blocking use, AES-CTR cipher support, and support for SFTP on windows.

This release also includes fixes and enhancements to existing features. Some of the fixes include resolving GCC-7 warnings and fixes for example use cases when wolfSSL ECC caching is turned on.

A full list of notable addition and fixes is as follows:

  • SFTP support for time attributes
  • TCP port forwarding feature added (--enable-fwd)
  • Example TCP port forwarding added to /examples/portfwd/portfwd
  • Fixes to SCP, including default direction set
  • Fix to match ID during KEX init
  • Add check for window adjustment packets when sending large transfers
  • Fixes and maintenance to Nucleus port for file closing
  • Add enable all option (--enable-all)
  • Fix for --disable-inline build
  • Fixes for GCC-7 warnings when falling through switch statements
  • Additional sanity checks added from fuzz testing
  • Refactor and fixes for use with non blocking
  • Add extended data read for piping stderr
  • Add client side pseudo terminal connection with ./examples/client/client -t
  • Add some basic Windows terminal conversions with wolfSSH_ConvertConsole
  • Add wolfSSH_stream_peek function to peek at incoming SSH data
  • Change name of internal function from SendBuffered to wolfSSH_SendPacket to avoid clash with wolfSSL
  • Add support for SFTP on Windows
  • Use int types for arguments in examples to fix Raspberry Pi build
  • Fix for fail case with leading 0’s on MPINT
  • Default window size (DEFAULT_WINDOW_SZ) lowered from ~ 1 MB to ~ 16 KB
  • Disable examples option added to configure (--disable-examples)
  • Callback function and example use added for checking public key sent
  • AES CTR cipher support added
  • Fix for freeing ECC caches with examples
  • Renamed example SFTP to be examples/sftpclient/wolfsftp

The most up-to-date versions of wolfSSH and other wolfSSL products can be found on the wolfSSL download page here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/.

For more information about wolfSSH or the changes incorporated into the 1.4.0 release, please contact facts@wolfssl.com.