wolfSSL 3.2.0 Released

CyaSSL version 3.2.0 has been released and is now available for download from the wolfSSL website.  This release includes bug fixes and several new features which we think will be beneficial to our user and customer base.  Fixes and features include:

– ChaCha20 and Poly1305 crypto and suites
– Small stack improvements for OCSP, CRL, TLS, DTLS
– NTRU Encrypt and Decrypt benchmarks
– Updated Visual Studio and Keil MDK5 project files
– Fix for DTLS sequence numbers with GCM/CCM
– Updated HashDRBG with more secure struct declaration
– TI-RTOS support and example Code Composer Studio project files
– Ability to get enabled cipher suites, CyaSSL_get_ciphers()
– AES-GCM/CCM/Direct support for Freescale mmCAU and CAU
– Sniffer improvement checking for decrypt key setup
– Support for raw ECC key import
– Ability to convert ecc_key to DER, EccKeyToDer()
– Security fix for RSA Padding check vulnerability reported by Intel Security Advanced Threat Research team

For more information, please see the CyaSSL README or our online documentation.  As always, we`re happy answer any questions you have about this release or the CyaSSL lightweight SSL/TLS library.

CyaSSL Download: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/
CyaSSL Manual:  http://www.wolfssl.com/yaSSL/Docs-cyassl-manual-toc.html