wolfSSL Asynchronous Support

The wolfSSL / wolfCrypt libraries support asynchronous (non-blocking) crypto using external hardware acceleration with the Intel QuickAssist and Cavium Nitrox III/V adapters. These are PCIe devices that accelerate crypto operations. Use of the asynchronous hardware acceleration support significantly increases performance for server platforms requiring high connection rates and throughput.

For some performance numbers see this page: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/intel-quickassist/

We also support asynchronous offloading to custom asymmetric hardware or a keystore using our PK callbacks (–enable-pkcallbacks). This is supported with all versions of TLS. Examples can be found in https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfssl-examples/blob/master/tls (see server-tls-pkcallback.c and client-tls-pkcallback.c).

For the software based asymmetric math, wolfCrypt supports a non-blocking mode for RSA and ECC crypto operations. This is useful in a bare-metal environment to allow wolfSSL to split heavy math operations into smaller chunks of work allowing you to interleave servicing of real-time events. For ECC see –enable-ecc=nonblock or WC_ECC_NONBLOCK (doc). For RSA see WC_RSA_NONBLOCK (docs

To find out more or get an evaluation bundle please email facts@wolfssl.com.