wolfSSL JNI 1.0 Now Available

wolfSSL is happy to announce that the first release of the wolfSSL JNI wrapper is now available for download.

wolfSSL JNI provides Java applications with SSL/TLS support up to the current industry standards of TLS 1.2 and DTLS 1.2.  Current Java implementations have lacked DTLS support, causing Java developers to write their own custom JNI wrapper if they wanted or needed to use DTLS.  wolfSSL JNI solves this problem by giving developers a ready-to-use Java wrapper around the robust and mature CyaSSL lightweight SSL library.

In addition to providing DTLS support, wolfSSL JNI has been designed with flexibility in mind.  It allows Java applications to write custom callbacks for I/O, public key, MAC/encrypt, decrypt/verify, and logging, and allows developers to leverage all the flexibility and portability that has made CyaSSL popular with users around the globe.

Like CyaSSL, wolfSSL JNI is dual licensed under both the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license.  Detailed licensing and support options can be found on the wolfSSL Licensing page (linked below).

Download wolfSSL JNI and give it a try!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at facts@wolfssl.com.

Download:  https://www.wolfssl.com/download/
wolfSSL JNI Manual: http://www.yassl.com/yaSSL/Docs-wolfssl-jni-manual.html
wolfSSL JNI Product Page:  http://yassl.com/yaSSL/Products-wolfssljni.html
License Information:  http://yassl.com/yaSSL/License.html