wolfSSL leading provider of cryptography and network security is leveraging wolfBoot in Avionic Systems

wolfSSL supports DO-178 secure boot on Intel’s 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Tiger Lake platform with TPM support and DO-178 certified artifacts.

EDMONDS, Wash., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — wolfSSL a leading provider of cryptography and network security is excited to share updates on new products and technology at Embedded World this April 9 – 11th in Nuremberg, Germany at Booth # 4-612.

wolfBoot in Avionic Systems:

wolfBoot, coupled with wolfCrypt cryptography library, offers a robust solution for avionic systems requiring DO-178C certification at specified Design Assurance Levels (DAL). This integration provides several advantages:

DO-178C Certification: wolfBoot can undergo the DO-178C certification process, meeting the stringent requirements for avionics applications. wolfSSL Inc. can provide the necessary certification evidence, ensuring compliance with aviation standards.

Code Optimization: wolfBoot allows for feature configuration and code tuning to minimize line count, thereby reducing costs and accelerating time to market. This optimization is crucial in avionics software development where efficiency and reliability are paramount.

Flexibility and Customizability: wolfBoot supports hardware-based cryptography and secure key storage solutions, including Intel-specific optimizations and TPM 2.0 modules. This flexibility enables integration with various hardware configurations and security architectures required in avionics systems.

Secure Boot Solutions: wolfBoot supports FIPS 140-2 or FIPS 140-3 validated cryptography for secure boot processes, ensuring firmware integrity and protection against malicious attacks during boot-up.

Acceleration on Intel Processors: Utilizing wolfCrypt on 11th Gen Intel Core processors offers significant performance enhancements. Intel AVX2 instructions accelerate SHA2 algorithms for verifying firmware integrity, while AES-NI instructions boost encryption and decryption operations for AES-encrypted firmware images.

Integration with Other Intel Security Features: With Intel’s emphasis on processor and platform security, there is potential for wolfBoot to extend its support for additional security features, leveraging Intel’s advancements in this domain.

The integration of wolfBoot and wolfCrypt on Intel processors provides a comprehensive solution for avionics. wolfBoot can meet all certification requirements, performance needs, and resource restrictions.

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