wolfSSL Rust Wrapper coming soon

Rust support is coming to wolfSSL this year! The wolfSSL embedded TLS library is a lightweight, portable, C-language-based SSL/TLS library known for its low footprint, speed, and feature set. Users have been able to take advantage of our library not only in C but also in their Java, C#, Python, and JavaScript projects using the various wrappers we provide. This year, we’re planning to add Rust to that list.

Similar to C, Rust is a low-level programming language with direct access to hardware and memory, which will make our wolfSSL Rust Wrapper a great SSL/TLS solution for embedded and IoT development for Rust projects. The wrapper will also service Rust users with performance and/or FIPS requirements.

Are you interested in a Rust wrapper?

If you have questions about any of the above, please contact us at facts@wolfSSL.com or call us at +1 425 245 8247.

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