wolfSSL Support’s Speedy Response Times

While wolfSSL does provide one of the most secure embedded SSL/TLS libraries a high-powered and lightweight encryption engine, and other products, wolfSSL also provides various services. One of these services is the exemplary support offered by the wolfSSL support team.

On average, wolfSSL receives between 700 and 800 support inquiries each year through support@wolfssl.com. These inquiries cover topics ranging from certificate signing, certificate verification errors, RSA operations, and much more. These inquiries are received, assigned to the appropriate members of the wolfSSL support team whose specialty applies to the topic, and is resolved efficiently and effectively. On average, wolfSSL support tickets are received and resolved in under 2 hours. In some cases, wolfSSL support tickets can even be resolved in under 30 minutes. These fast turnaround times can be incredibly beneficial when working on time-sensitive or blocking issues.

wolfSSL Support is offered at four levels (1 free, 3 paid). Details on these support levels can be viewed in a side-by-side comparison on wolfSSL's support options page, here: https://www.wolfssl.com/products/support-packages/.

To have your own questions answered, or to obtain support for wolfSSL, please contact support@wolfssl.com. Additionally, other general information about the wolfSSL library can be obtained by contacting facts@wolfssl.com.

wolfSSL also supports TLS 1.3! More information can be viewed here: https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/tls13/.