wolfTPM Release v1.9.0

The summer release of wolfTPM, v1.9.0, is now available! This release has lots of new features, several bug fixes, and optimizations including:

  • Fix when building wolfSSL with old names `NO_OLD_WC_NAMES`. (PR #113)
  • Fix for TPM2 commands with more than one auth session. (PR #95)
  • Bugfixes for TPM2_Packet_AppendSymmetric and TPM2_Packet_ParseSymmetric. (PR #111)
  • TPM attestation fixes. (PR #103)
  • If creating an NV and it already exists, set auth and handle anyways. (PR #99)
  • Cleanups, removed unused code from the PCR examples. (PR #112)
  • Improvements to the signed timestamp example. (PR #108)
  • New example of a TPM2.0 Quote using wolfTPM. (PR #107)
  • NPCT75x Nuvoton support and dynamic module detection support. (PR #102)
  • RSA sign/verify support and expanded RSA key loading API’s. (PR #101)
  • Attestation key wrappers. (PR #100)
  • Added missing xor overload to TPMU_SYM_KEY_BITS. (PR #97)
  • Signed timestamp example (AIK and Attestation). (PR #96)
  • Added more testing. (PR #93)
  • Added TPM benchmarking results for Nuvoton NPCT650 TPM2.0 module. (PR #92)

Check out the ChangeLog from the download for a full list of features and fixes, or contact us at facts@wolfssl.com with any questions:

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You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/

Or clone directly from our GitHub repository: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfTPM