wolfTPM v1.6 Release

wolfTPM version 1.6 has been released (08/01/2019) and is available for download! This release includes improvements for compatibility, chip detection, initialization options and small stack support. This version adds new wrapper API’s for PCR extend as well as support for using HMAC with an existing key.

A full list of the release notes are listed below:

  • Fix for wolfCrypt init/cleanup issue with reference count. (PR #75)
  • Fix to restore existing TPM context after calling wolfTPM2_Test. (PR #74)
  • Fix to resolve handling of unsupported ECC curves with the TPM module and ECDHE. (PR #69)
  • Fix for wolfTPM2_SetCommand to ensure auth is cleared. (PR #69)
  • Added --enable-smallstack build options for reducing stack usage. (PR #73)
  • Added support for keeping an HMAC key loaded. (PR #72)
  • Added API unit test framework. (PR #71)
  • Added new wrapper API wolfTPM2_OpenExisting for accessing device that’s already started. (PR #71)
  • Added new wolfTPM2_ExtendPCR wrapper. (PR #70)
  • Added crypto callback flags for FIPS mode and Use Symmetric options. (PR #69)
  • Added WOLFTPM_DEBUG_TIMEOUT macro for debugging the timeout checking. (PR #69)
  • Added support for ST33 TPM2_SetMode command for disabling power saving. (PR #69)
  • Improvements for chip detection, compatibility and startup performance (PR #67)
  • Added support for XPRINTF.
  • Fix printf type warnings.
  • Moved the TPM hardware type build macro detection until after the user_settings.h include.
  • Optimization to initialize Mutex and RNG only when use is required.
  • Added missing stdio.h for printf in examples.
  • Added new API’s TPM2_SetActiveCtx, TPM2_ChipStartup, TPM2_SetHalIoCb and TPM2_Init_ex.
  • Allowed way to indicate BOOL type already defined.
  • Added C++ support.
  • Added new API wolfTPM2_Test for testing for TPM and optionally returning capabilities. (PR #66)
  • Added way to include generated wolftpm/options.h (or customized one) using WOLFTPM_USER_SETTINGS. (PR #63)

You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/

Additional information on wolfTPM can be found on the wolfTPM product page.

For more information on platform support or for questions regarding wolfTPM, contact us at facts@wolfssl.com.