New Espressif Managed Components for MQTT and SSH

In our ongoing quest to bring the power and capabilities of wolfSSL products to all Espressif ESP32 developers, we are proud to announce two new upcoming Managed Components in the ESP Registry: wolfMQTT and wolfSSH. Earlier this year we announced the core wolfSSL availability on the Managed Component Registry. Having wolfSSL as a Managed Component […]

wolfSSL on the Espressif ESP32-C3 RISC-V

More and more customers are asking about the Espressif ESP32 RISC-V SoC products. The answer is an enthusiastic YES. We support all of the Espressif ESP-32 chipsets, including the ESP32-C6 and the ESP32-C3 RISC-V devices. Check out our recent video: Getting Started with wolfSSL on the ESP32. Our Espressif examples make it easier than ever […]

Live Webinar: Espressif

Commercial-grade encryption tools are essential in every developer’s programming toolbox. We are excited to announce a live webinar presented by Jim aka gojimmypi, wolfSSL Engineer, where he will discuss Espressif products. Save the date: August 10th at 10 am PST. Recently, we announced the first availability of the wolfSSL embedded encryption libraries in the ESP […]

wolfSSL now available in Espressif Component Registry

Serious, commercial-grade encryption tools are essential in every developer’s programming toolbox. We at wolfSSL continue to embrace the exciting new technologies at Espressif for the ESP32 SoC chipsets. Today, we announce the first availability of the wolfSSL embedded encryption libraries in the ESP Registry located at  Add wolfSSL to your project: This new capability […]

Espressif and wolfSSL at Embedded World

Embedded World Nuremberg is this month! We’ll be there talking about security, encryption and everything in between. Stop by and say hello! We’ll be giving away plenty of awesome wolfSSL swag and we’d love to hear about your project. One of the platforms we fully support is of course the ubiquitous Espressif ESP32. We have […]

wolfSSL Espressif ESP32-C3 RISC-V Support

The wolfSSL team continues to embrace the open source community for the ever expanding product line of Espressif chips with support for the RISC-V architecture of the ESP32-C3. Do you want to use world-class encryption software on your next ESP32 project? Check out the fully open-source wolfSSL codebase. The code continues to be free to […]

wolfSSH examples for Espressif on ESP32 or ESP8266

At wolfSSL we create solutions to provide secure access to a variety of systems and devices. Our latest example adds the ability to use the SSH protocol to securely connect plain text serial UART using an Espressif ESP32 or ESP8266 over wireless or wired ethernet. In celebration of this new capability, we’re having a contest […]

wolfSSL Espressif Support

wolfSSL provides support for use with the Espressif IoT Development Framework (ESP-IDF). It includes benchmark, client, server, and test example applications that can be used and tested with the ESP-IDF. Additionally, wolfSSL also provides support for using the hardware encryption acceleration features that are in place on some of the Espressif devices, most notably (and […]

wolfSSL DTLS1.3 ESP32 Examples Now Available

Have you heard about secure UDP packets? Yes, you can enjoy the security of TLS1.3 level encryption but use UDP instead of TCP on the ESP32. It’s called DTLS. The UDP packets are typically used in lossy, unreliable networks such as LoRa (low-power, long-range radio networks). Most people interested in secure UDP are using the […]

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