wolfSSL Espressif ESP32-C3 RISC-V Support

The wolfSSL team continues to embrace the open source community for the ever expanding product line of Espressif chips with support for the RISC-V architecture of the ESP32-C3. Do you want to use world-class encryption software on your next ESP32 project? Check out the fully open-source wolfSSL codebase. The code continues to be free to […]

wolfSSH examples for Espressif on ESP32 or ESP8266

At wolfSSL we create solutions to provide secure access to a variety of systems and devices. Our latest example adds the ability to use the SSH protocol to securely connect plain text serial UART using an Espressif ESP32 or ESP8266 over wireless or wired ethernet. In celebration of this new capability, we’re having a contest […]

wolfSSL Espressif Support

wolfSSL provides support for use with the Espressif IoT Development Framework (ESP-IDF). It includes benchmark, client, server, and test example applications that can be used and tested with the ESP-IDF. Additionally, wolfSSL also provides support for using the hardware encryption acceleration features that are in place on some of the Espressif devices, most notably (and […]

Overview of Testing in wolfSSL

The security of wolfSSL products is always on the wolfSSL team’s mind and holds high importance. Conducting regular, diligent, and well-planned testing helps maintain wolfSSL’s robustness and security. The wolfSSL team strives to write and maintain clean, readable, and understandable code. API Unit Testing: Unit tests are in place to test API functions for correct […]

wolfSSH 1.4.15 Now Available!

Merry Christmas! The Christmas release of wolfSSH is here, version 1.4.15! Version 1.4.15 brings with it a fix for a vulnerability, bug fixes, new features, and some enhancements as well! For a description of vulnerabilities fixed, please see our vulnerability page. New features in this release include a wolfSSH client application, support for OpenSSH-style keys, […]

wolfSSL 5.6.6 Now Available!

Merry Christmas! The Christmas release of wolfSSL is here, version 5.6.6! Version 5.6.6 brings with it fixes for 4 vulnerabilities, bug fixes, new features, and some enhancements as well! For a description of vulnerabilities fixed, please see our vulnerability page. New features in this release include support for additional hardware devices (STM32WL55), new hardware encryption […]

wolfSSL DTLS1.3 ESP32 Examples Now Available

Have you heard about secure UDP packets? Yes, you can enjoy the security of TLS1.3 level encryption but use UDP instead of TCP on the ESP32. It’s called DTLS. The UDP packets are typically used in lossy, unreliable networks such as LoRa (low-power, long-range radio networks). Most people interested in secure UDP are using the […]

Every hardware cryptography scheme wolfSSL has ever enabled

At wolfSSL we support hardware cryptography for a wide range of platforms. The benefits of hardware cryptography include reduced code footprint size, improved security, acceleration of cryptographic operations, and utilization of true random number generators. For example, this allows everything from wolfBoot to TLS cipher suites to enjoy acceleration of cryptographic operations. Furthermore, we have […]

Is my part supported?

If you are wondering if your part is supported by wolfSSL, the answer is “Yes!!” That said, what follows is an abbreviated incomplete list sorted by manufacturer: Note: no matter how hard we try to make these lists, they will never be complete because the week after the list is made, there will be more […]

wolfSSL on the Xtensa ESP32-S3 Linux

With our ongoing development of world-class commercial-grade cryptography solutions for the Espressif products, wolfSSL is proud to announce support for the ESP32-S3 Embedded Linux Kernel! Our very own [gojimmypi] was able to get the wolfSSL wolfcrypt tests running successfully as an app on the embedded Linux environment thanks to the work of [jcmvbkbc] on linux-xtensa. […]

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