wolfSSL NXP SE050 Support Update

wolfSSL now supports NXP’s SE050 hardware security chip. This is an external I2C crypto co-processor chip that supports RSA key sizes up to 4096-bit, ECC curves up to 521 bit and ED25519 / Curve25519. You can see the full implementation details in GitHub pull request 4322.

We have also expanded our Kinetis LTC support to accelerate RSA key generation. This made it into our v4.8.1 release of wolfSSL.

NXP Semiconductor is a key member of wolfSSL’s partner network. wolfSSL ships with support for offloading cryptographic operations onto several NXP devices, such as the Coldfire, Kinetis, LPC, S32 and i.MX microprocessors. Additionally we support hardware cryptographic acceleration using NXP’s CAU, MMCAU, LTC, CAAM and SE050 hardware. If your target is missing, tell us!

wolfSSL develops a full suite of products supporting NXP designs. Learn about wolfBoot secure boot and TLS 1.3 firmware update with FreeRTOS and wolfSSL on NXP Freedom Board K64 here. After the release of wolfSSL version 4.2.0, we provide improved support for crypto hardware performance, now on NXP mmCAU. Download the latest wolfSSL version 4.8.1 here!

wolfSSL also provides surviving FIPS certificates that can be leveraged for your i.MX8, i.MX7 and i.MX8 CAAM projects. Stay tuned for upcoming FIPS 140-3 support. 

For more information, visit our blog post on the wolfSSL-NXP Partnership Roundup. Write to us at facts@wolfssl.com so we can learn more about your NXP projects!

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