wolfSSH release version 1.4.10

wolfSSH release version 1.4.10 is available! It includes many useful code additions including some fixes. To name a few the ESP–IDF use has been expanded on, small stack improvements made, some SFTP use fixes, fixes for warnings with older GCC compilers and more….

For information about wolfSSH contact fact@wolfssl.com.

European Webinar Week

Welcome to European Webinar Week! Thank you to all our viewers who attended our first session today about DO-178 – check out the rest of this week’s schedule to learn more and register in advance!

  • 5PM Central European Time, Tuesday, May 17th : Testing wolfBoot with Renode (register here)
  • 2PM Central European Time, Wednesday, May 18th: Looking Under the Hood – Everything you need to know about Automotive security (register here)
  • 2PM Central European Time, Friday, May 20th: How to Get Started with wolfSSL in Italian (register here)

We can’t wait to see you and answer all of your questions!

wolfCrypt-py and wolfSSL-py 5.3.0 Released

wolfSSL has released version 5.3.0 of the Python wrappers for wolfCrypt and wolfSSL called wolfCrypt-py and wolfSSL-py.

This is a significant release because the build system has been completely refactored to make it easier to build and install the Python wrappers.

In addition, wolfCrypt-py now works in Windows and has several new APIs to support some of the newer features of wolfCrypt.

For more information the release notes for wolfCrypt-py can be found here, and wolfSSL-py can be found here. In addition the releases can be found on PyPi to be installed using `pip` here for wolfCrypt-py and here for wolfSSL-py. Contact facts@wolfssl.com for more information about using the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library in your Python applications!

Check out this week’s schedule!

It’s a BUSY week! Check out all the trade shows we are attending below:

Cyber Physical Systems Security Summit in Troy, Michigan

IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain

Forum 78 in Fort Worth, Texas

CyberLEO in Los Angeles, California

Upcoming Webinar: Why everyone is using cURL and you should too

Join Daniel Stenberg, founder and maintainer of cURL and libcurl, as he goes through some basic curl fundamentals about what cURL is, who uses cURL, why use cURL etc. As well as giving information on how to customize your configuration, and other features that may be useful.

As always bring your questions for the Q&A following the presentation.

When: 9AM Pacific, May 12th, 2022

Register in advance here.

wolfTPM 2.4.0 Released!

We are excited to announce our wolfTPM v2.4 release. This includes improvements for Windows including support for cmake, C# wrappers, and c++ compiler fixes. This expands the wolfTPM cross platform API that is easy to use and supports Linux, Windows and embedded platforms. C# wrappers have been tested on Linux and Windows. These changes enable support for vcpkg for wolfSSL, wolfTPM, and wolfMQTT (see PR).

Release Details:

  • Fixes for c++ compiler (PR #206)
  • Adding a C# wrappers (PR #203)
  • CMake support (PR #202, #204, #205)
  • Add support for ST33 vendor specific command TPM_CC_GetRandom2 (PR #200)
  • Fix writing PEM in wolfTPM2_RsaKey_TpmToPemPub (PR #201)
  • Improve TPM2_SetupPCRSel (multiple calls) (PR #198)
  • Fix for a few spelling errors and whitespace cleanup (PR #199)
  • v2.3.1 updates (PR #197)
  • Fix make install by renaming pcr example read.c (PR #196)

For a full list of changes, check out the updated ChangeLog.md bundled with wolfSSL or view our page on GitHub here. For questions please email facts@wolfssl.com

wolfBoot 1.11 Released!

wolfBoot 1.11 has been released. This release introduces new algorithms for signature verification (Ed448, Ecc384), for integrity check (Sha2-384) and for external storage encryption (Aes128 and 256). Encryption support for external storage has been improved.

Our team introduced mitigation against glitching attacks. Find out more in this post.

Support for new targets has been included: NXP i.MX-RT1050 and STM32U5.

For the full list of changes, please see our Github page.

You can download the latest release here: https://www.wolfssl.com/download/
Or clone directly from our GitHub repository: https://github.com/wolfSSL/wolfBoot

Contact us at facts@wolfssl.com with any questions!

wolfSSL 5.3.0 Release!

wolfSSL has released a new version! 5.3.0.

This contains some exciting new additions and fixes. A full list can be found in the ChangeLog.md (https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/wolfssl-changelog/) but some of the highlights are:

  • SP performance enhancements and fixes
    • wolfSSL’s Single Precision (SP) Math Library bring the best implementations to insure the best performance of Public Key Algorithms 
  • Compatibility layer enhancements and function additions
    • The wolfSSL OpenSSL compatibility layer is a means to switch applications designed for OpenSSL over to use wolfSSL.
  • Embedded post quantum port on an STM32 device and benchmarks
  • CAAM support for i.MX8 on Linux
    • CAAM (Cryptographic Accelerator and Assurance Module) is hardware that can be found on many i.MX NXP devices. When used it speeds up the cryptographic algorithms such as ECC and AES. 
  • Updates to Renesas TSIP support, Stunnel, Bind and other ports…
  • Additions and improvements to testing including use of Wycheproof
    • Project Wycheproof is a test suite developed and maintained by the Google Security Team. Their unit tests use Java security packages (java.security and javax.crypto) to allow for multiple JCA/JCE provider implementations to be tested, including wolfJCE.

A full list of what was changed can be found in the wolfSSL ChangeLog (https://www.wolfssl.com/docs/wolfssl-changelog/).

For questions about wolfSSL or about the latest release contact us at facts@wolfssl.com