Welcome to the wolfSSL product documentation. Please use the following resources to help answer any questions you might have, or use it as a starting place for learning how you can implement and use our products.  If you have any questions that are unanswered here, please Contact Us, or post to our Support Forums.

Many of the sub-documents below are contained in the comprehensive wolfSSL Manual, available for download below.  The wolfSSL manual is available in both HTML and PDF formats.

If you would like more detailed information about RAM (stack/heap) usage, please contact us for the wolfSSL Resource Use document.

Need FIPS 140-2? wolfSSL has you covered with our wolfCrypt library.  wolfCrypt has been FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated (Certificate #2425).  Visit our FIPS FAQ for more information.

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wolfCrypt FIPS Module

The CMVP has issued FIPS 140-2 Certificate #2425 for the wolfCrypt Module developed by wolfSSL Inc.

wolfSSL 3.12.0

Release 3.12.0 includes a vulnerability fix, TLS 1.3 support, Intel assembly improvements and SGX Linux support, DTLS multicast, Xilinx port, SHA3 (Keccak), and more!

Practices to keep in mind when using SSL/TLS in an embedded environment.


A step-by-step tutorial on adding SSL and TLS to a simple application using CyaSSL.


Building wolfSSL, Getting Started, API Reference, Features, etc.

wolfSSL / wolfCrypt


Cryptography, TCP/IP, Certificates, Input/Output, Threads, Memory Usage

TaoCrypt and yaSSL API Reference

yaSSL / TaoCrypt

Browse selected source code files online.


RFC’s, algorithms, and protocols used in the wolfSSL embedded SSL products.

Press kit, presentations, papers, videos and photos of wolfSSL products and events.

API reference for the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library

Choosing the correct wolfSSL technology for your needs

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Java GSS-API interface to the MIT Kerberos library, created for use with Android NDK applications.

Example Android NDK application using the above Java GSS-API interface to the MIT Kerberos libraries.

wolfSSL has support for STM32F2 hardware crypto and RNG.

wolfSSL has support for Microchip PIC32.

embedded ssl

Curious how wolfSSL and OpenSSL compare?

Tips and guidance on porting wolfSSL to new platforms and environments.

Getting started using wolfSSL in Visual Studio on Windows

Building and using the wolfSSL JNI wrapper


Javadocs for wolfSSL JNI

Existing library benchmarks, benchmark application usage

Tips on optimizing wolfSSL for footprint size or performance

Questions? +1 (425) 245-8247

Basic guide to writing a bitbake recipe for OpenEmbedded and Yocto Projects.

wolfSSL has support for Texas Instruments and TI-RTOS.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certificate expected for the wolfCrypt library in 1Q2015.

API reference for the wolfCrypt embedded cryptography engine

Purpose and overview of SSL as a library

Getting started using wolfSSL with Keil MDK-ARM

Quickstart to getting up and running with wolfSSL on a desktop system

wolfMQTT client library user manual

Building and using the wolfSSL C# wrapper

wolfSSL C#

API docs for wolfSSL C# wrapper

Getting started using wolfSSL for uTasker

Using wolfSSL and wolfCrypt with Atmel ATECC508A

Learn about TLS 1.3 and how to use it with wolfSSL!

Using wolfCrypt JNI wrapper and wolfCrypt JCE Provider

wolfCrypt JNI and JCE Provider

wolfSSL / wolfCrypt async support with Intel QuickAssist